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Loyalty Points Policy

What is the Loyalty Programme?

The Loyalty Programme is a system to reward our customers for making purchases on mypharmacy. The more you shop with us, the more loyalty points you will accumulate, the more loyalty dollars can be applied towards current and future purchases.

How do you earn Loyalty Points?

For every S$1 spent on Mypharmacy, you’ll earn 1 point. For cash and cheque transactions, your loyalty points will be credited after delivery is made. For credit card and online banking transactions, your loyalty points will be automatically credited to your account. To track the number of loyalty points you have earned so far, simply log on and access your account.

What can I do with my Loyalty Points? Upon accumulating 400 points, you will be eligible to redeem S$10 from your online purchase! The more points you earn, the more dollar value you can redeem. Loyalty points are redeemable for every multiple of 400 points.
Loyalty Points Redemption Value
400 S$10
800 S$20
1200 S$30

A maximum of 1200 loyalty points may be redeemed at a single purchase. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

How can I redeem my Loyalty Points?

Redemption of points is easy. You will be prompted with the maximum number of loyalty points that you can use for redemption at the point of purchase. Select the number of points to redeem, and the corresponding dollar value will be applied towards your purchase.

Loyalty points awarded to a customer may only be redeemed by that customer and are strictly not transferable.

How can I start earning Loyalty Points?

Once you are registered as an online user of mypharmacy, you are all set to earn loyalty points that can be used towards future purchases. To thank you for registering with us, we will credit your account with 200 loyalty points when you first register with us!
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