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Dentiste Plus White Premium White Travel Set
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Dentiste Premium White Travel Set contains:
- premium toothpaste 50g
- premium travel brush

Dentiste Plus White Premium White Toothpaste contains 14 natural extracts (antiseptic and antibacterial) that help prevent oral bacteria, gum diseases and bad breath. It contains:
- Polishing Silica, a natural tooth scrub which helps remove plaque and stains on the teeth
- PVP (Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone) which helps dilute stains and prevent stain deposition
- HAp (Nano Hydroxyapatite) which helps whiten the teeth and strengthen the enamel for stronger teeth
- Sodium Tripolyphosphate which helps prevent the formation of plaque on the teeth and gums.

Directions for use:
Brush twice daily for white teeth, healthy gums and fresh breathe.
Brush teeth thoroughly, preferably, after each meal or at least 2 times a day or as directed by a dentist.
Suitable for:
- whitening of teeth
- building increasing protection against painful sensitivity
- fighting cavities
- freshening breath
- fighting plaques
- fighting tartar
- fighting gingivitis
Cautionary Instruction:
Keep out of reach of children.
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