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Ensure Life 850g
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Detailed Description:
**Please note that it comes in a can of 850g instead of the usual 900g**

A complete and balanced breakfast drink, snack or convenient meal replacement to maintain good nutrition. Specially formulated with all the essential nutrients your body needs balanced in the right proportions. Ensure-Life contains anti-oxidant nutrients: beta-carotene, vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium.

Specially formulated
Ensure Life is specially formulated with a unique blend of MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids), omega-6 and omega-3.

Its fat blend is formulated according to the latest American Heart Association dietary guidelines. Ensure Life does not contain trans fat.
Cautionary Instruction:
not for parenteral(intravenous) uses. Not intented for use in children unless recommended by a physician or qualified healthcare professional. Not for use in galactosemia.
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