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Smith and Nephew
Smith and Nephew Intrasite Gel 15G
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Detailed Description:
Intrasite Gel is a clear amorphous hydrogel containing a modified carboxymethyl cellulose polymer, propylene glycol and wate. It is presented sterile in a single dose dispenser pack for ease of application.
Intrasite Gel promotes natural debridement through autolysis by gently rehydrating necrotic tissue. It also loosens and absorbs slough and exudate. Intrastie Gel provides a moist wound healing environment. It is non-adherent and does not harm viable tissue or skin surrounding wounds.
Intrasite gel is indicated for use in shallow and deep open wounds eg pressure sores, leg ulcers, surgical and malignant wounds, partial thickness burns, scalds, lacerations and grazes. It can be used on infected wounds under medical supervision.
Instructions for use: 1. Prepare wound site. Remove secondary dressing. Irrigate wound with sterile saline solution to clean wound site. 2. Prepare pack. Remove blue protective cap from the nozzle. Swab the snap off tip and nozzle of the pack with a suitable antiseptic swab. Snap the patterned tip off the nozzle. 3. Introduce Intrasite gel into the wound. Keeping the nozzle tip clear of the wound surface, gently press the bowl of the pack to dispense gel into the wound. Smooth Intrasite Gel over surface of wound to a depth of approximately 5mm. Discard any unused gel. 4. Dress wound. Cover with a secondary dressing of choice. 5. Removal of Intrasite Gel. Intrasite Gel can be removed from the wound by rinising with sterile saline solution. On necrotic and sloughy wounds, it is recommended that the dressing is changed at least every 3 days. On clean granulating wounds, the frequency of dressing changes depends on the clinical condition of the wound and the amount of exudate produced.
Cautionary Instruction:
Precautions for use: Known sensitivity to Intrasite Gel or any of its ingredients. Intrasite Gel should be used with care in the vicinity of the eys and in deep wounds with narrow openings (eg fistulas) where removal of the gel may be difficult.
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