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Paracetamol Paed Suspension 120mg/5ml 100ml
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Paracetamol Paed Suspension contains 120mg Paracetamol BP in 5ml. Contains Methylparaben 0.1%w/v as preservative.

Cherry flavoured.
Suitable for the relief of fever, symptoms of cold and influenza, teething pains and headache.
Shake well before use.

Children 3 months to 1 year: 60mg - 120mg (2.5ml - 5ml)
1 to 6 years: 120mg - 240mg (5ml - 10ml)
6 to 12 years: 240mg - 480mg (10ml - 20ml)

To be taken 3 to 4 times a day.
Cautionary Instruction:
For oral administration only. Keep out of reach of children. Consult a healthcare professional if patient has impaired kidney or liver functions. Chronic use should be avoided. Do not take any other paracetamol products at the same time. Store below 30°C away from sunlight.
Contra Indication:
In patients with nephropathy.
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